About The Summit

The Sustainability Summit is an event designed to bring students from a wide range of disciplines on Clemson’s campus to learn about and attempt to work on some of our university’s biggest problems within sustainability.

The first day is devoted to education, in the form of faculty and staff panels, as well as keynote speakers from across the state and country, discussing Clemson’s sustainability efforts and the nation's broader issues. The second day is devoted to innovation, with student groups working towards solving problems from four categories of Clemson's Sustainability: Recycling and Waste, Sustainability Education and Engagement, Housing and Dining, and Climate Action - all with the leadership of faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Our Solutions:

Friday Schedule

  1:30 pm:       
  Atrium and Auditorium Open 
  2:00 pm:       
  Opening Address 
  2:15 pm:      
  Panel One: Operations 
  3:15 pm:       
  Debate One: 
  Climate Action on Campus 
  3:45 pm:       
  Coffee, Tea, and Cookies 
  for Attendees 
  4:00 pm:       
  Keynote: Weston Dripps 
  4:30 pm:       
  Panel Two: 
  Policy, Engagement, and Education 
  5:15 pm:       
  Closing Address
  5:30 pm:              
  “A Seat at the Table” 
  UNICEF dinner 

Saturday Schedule

  9:00 am:   
  Student Check-In 
 10:00 am:   
 Project Development Begins 

 11:30 am:   
 Lunch for Attendees
  2:00 pm:   
  Project Presentations 
  3:00 pm:   
  Final Competition Presentation 
  3:30 pm:   
  Announcement of Results 
  3:45 pm:   
  Final Address & Thank You's